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FDA Compliance

FDA and Label Compliance
Infiniti Creations prides itself in ensuring 100% accurate label compliance as per FDA 21 CFR 111.  We will also consult and advise along the way as we create and generate your private label.  However, that being said once the product is privately branded to your company, it becomes your property, your product, your label and ultimately all liability within the label and its claims becomes your responsibility.  What this means is that we will build your product as you spec to us, we will provide advice along the way, but this advice cannot be mistaken as 100% FDA compliance to 21 CFR 111.  This, YOU are ultimately responsible for as this is your product, not Infiniti's once it is branded.  
You are responsible for claims, it's marketing, its benefits, its side effects etc.  If you list any claims they should be substantiated by a 3rd party reputable clinical study.  Listing claims on the label just because "other companies are doing it" should not be your reason for listing it on the label.  Infiniti is NOT responsible for substantiating any claims you make on your label.  We are not FDA compliance consultants and therefore should not be asked "can I put this claim on my label?" i.e. claims like "boosts immune system" "supports weights loss" etc.  To add to this, we obviously will still answer claims that only we would know like "gluten free, GMO free, Kosher, all natural, etc."  If we are asked to place a reasonable claim on the label we will place it within its benefits.  But our placement of this claim does not mean we are now liable for it, you are liable as the new retailer of the product.
For a complete & detailed guide for FDA label compliance we suggest you review this link below....
We suggest you perform your due diligence as the seller of this product and ensure and conform to all FDA guidelines and regulations.  Should you have any additional questions regarding this please don't hesitate to ask your account manager.
Additional Note: Infiniti insures product liability for your product, ultimately meaning that if a consumer requires medical attention or severe side effect from a direct use of our product requiring assistance is covered under our insurance premium, even with your private label on it.  It does NOT however, cover any marketing, or claims the product makes referencing much of the above statements.

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